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PASR Conference

International conference "Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry" ("PASR") is organized by the group of the most known companies of Russia and CIS, which activities are the registration and measurement of the ionizing radiation.

Since 1996 the conference has become almost annual. LSRM is one of the basic organizers of this conference. Three meetings in 1996, 1997 and 2002 were organized directly by our company.

The basic conference purposes are an experience exchange, making acquaintance with a nowadays state and development tendencies of the nuclear instrument-making industry, metrology and methodology, the software and normative base in the field of the practical spectrometry, radiometry and dosimetry in such areas, as:
— atomic energetics;
— ecological monitoring and environment protection;
— scientific researches;
— medicine and biology;
— X-ray fluorescent and radiometric analysis;
— metrology;
— legal aspects of the radiating safety.

The conference program includes verbal and stand reports, discussions, an exhibition of the equipment, program and methodical products. The reports, presented in the thesis form are published by the conference beginning.

The conference allows professionals to share the last achievements and practical experience with participants, to discuss prospects of the further development. Beginning experts can get acquainted with the modern state of affairs in the field of practical spectrometry, radiometry and dosimetry, to obtain knowledge which will be certainly useful for them later.

The conference has no permanent address. It was spent in Mendeleevo, Dubna, Odessa, Riga. Last years it’s a tradition to spend it in the beginning of October. One more tradition of PASR is a lottery with prizes, including the production of the companies — organizers.
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