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The basic “LSRM” Ltd activities are the development of software, methodical and metrological maintenance of the ionizing radiation measurements:
Software packages for α-, β- and γ- radiation semiconductor and scintillation spectrometers:
— The certified measurements
— Detection and identification of the fissionable and radioactive materials
— Radiation monitoring

Original methodics of measurements
Databases with radioactive decay parameters
Original algorithms and calculation methods for ionizing radiation characteristics


SpectraLine 1.7 and Nuclide Master (Plus) 2.10 Release 29 January, 2021 SpectraLine 1.7 and Nuclide Master (Plus) 2.10 Release We are introducing new versions of SpectraLine and Nuclide Master (Plus) packages.
PASR website! 10 September, 2019 PASR website! PASR website opened!

Registration certificates 17 July, 2019 Registration certificates Our software has been registered in the Register of U.S. Copyright office.
The registration certificates are available in the Certificates section

LSRM on Facebook! 13 May, 2019 LSRM on Facebook! We are on Facebook now, join us!

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