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OOO LSRM (Limited Liability Company)

The basic LSRM activities are the development of software, methodical and metrological maintenance of the ionizing radiation measurements:

Software packages for α-, β- and γ-radiation semiconductor and scintillation spectrometers:
— The certified measurements;
— Detection and identification of fissionable and radioactive materials;
— Radiation monitoring.
Original methodics of measurements.
Databases with radioactive decays parameters.
Original algorithms and calculation methods for ionizing radiation characteristics

Many companies which specialize in the field of the radiation monitoring use our software and methodological developments. SPC Aspect (Dubna city), Russian leader of nuclear instrumentation, and BSI in European Union are the closest partners of LSRM for years. We also have close cooperation with Pribory OY, IFTP, FSUE "Production Association "Mayak", ОAO Expertcenter, Ural-Aspect, SPC Doza, OOO EcoSphere.

Our software supports the most of the well-known spectra formats:*.spc, *.chn, *.cnf, *.mca, *.wsp, *.asc, *.sps, *.ats, *.spm.

The customers of our products are Federal Custom Service of Russia, Rosatom, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense. We had worked on the IAEA project of the development of expert software for nuclear and radioactive monitoring.

Nowadays our software supports the different types detectors (for gamma radiation with HPGe, NaI, CsI, LaBr3(CI3)) and for detectors of different manufactures: SPC Aspect, BSI, Ortec, GBS Electronik, Canberra, XIA, GreenStar, IFTP, Atomtex, STC Amplituda, ОAO Expertcenter, SPC Doza. BSI includes our software into the complete set for its spectrometry hardware.

LSRM is one of the PASR, (the regular international conference «Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry») organizers. First conferences were held in 1996-1997 by our company.

LSRM regularly holds courses for advanced training "Practical spectrometry".

Methodologies for calculation of radionuclide activity developed by LSRM are certified in accordance with all-Union State Standard requirements.

LSRM has representations in the European Union and Ukraine.

Our company has been added to the State Register of accredited organizations . Also our software has been registered in the State Register of computer programs.

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