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It is difficult to determine the exact date of our company creation. It was formed in the beginning of the 90th on the basis of VNIIFTRY Laboratory of spectrometry and radiometry as an independent group for software development and methodological maintenance of the ionizing radiation spectrometry. For a time the group was a part of Expertcenter, then a part of the SPC Doza. Finally, independent firm LLP LSRM was registered in 1994. It was re-registered to OOO LSRM in 1997.

The first commercial products of our company are the gamma-spectra processing software PPD-02, Sc-92. They were developed in 1992 under LSRM brand even before the firm obtained the official status. We were the first company in CIS and nearly all over the world who created the professional software of the spectrometry measurements for Windows environment. After that the firm became the leader of the radiation monitoring software development.

SPC Aspect has been the closest partner of LSRM for years. Our software always supported all analyzers and analyzer cards of SPC Aspect. Since 1998 SPC Aspect has accepted the "Lsrm for Windows" software package as a basic one for its spectrometer devices. It was a great step to move on a new level of our relationships. LSRM became the participant in SPC Aspect spectrometry developments. In turn, our software passed careful testing in SPC Aspect departments. So algorithms and methodologies developed in LSRM are used in portable Gamma-1C/NB, MKS-A02 spectrometers. One of the significant team developments was the LsrmCustoms software for Gamma-1C/NB spectrometers under orders of the State Customs Committee.

Nowadays our software has been adapted for the different types of detectors (for gamma radiation with HPGe, NaI, CsI, LaBr3(CI3), CdZnTe) and for detectors from different manufactures: SPC Aspect, BSI, Ortec, GBS Electronik, Canberra, XIA, IFTP, Atomtex, STC Amplituda, OAO Expertcenter, SPC Doza. BSI includes our software into the complete set for its spectrometry hardware.

Main dates

1992 PPD-92, Alpha-92, Sc-92 software packages was developed.
1993 The integrated Lsrm-93 software package for α-, β- and γ-spectrometry in MS-DOS was created.
November 1994 The LLP LSRM company was registered.
October 1996 The I-st International conference PASR-96 was organized.
1997 Lsrm software package was transferred to Windows environment.
April 1997 OOO LSRM was registered.
October 1997 The II-nd International conference PASR-97 was organized.
1998 The 32-bit Lsrm version for Windows was created.
1998 Principles of joined beta- and gamma-measurements were developed and realized.
1998 "Lsrm for Windows" software package became the basic for SPC Aspect spectrometry devices.
1999 Nuclide Master software package was developed.
2000 LsrmCustoms software was developed for the portable gamma-spectrometers measurements, under the order of the State Customs Committee of Russia.
2001 FSUE "MAYAK" used the LSRM software as a basic one. Fifty Lsrm2000 complete sets were purchased.
2002 The beginning of the Lsrm-2005 software package development LsrmLite software was created.
October 2002 Submerged detectors software was developed for alpha spectrometry.
October 2002 The VI-th International conference PASR-2002 was organized.
2003 The basic software packages were transferred to Win2000, XP platforms.
July 2003 Diogen software was developed for radioactive waste inventory system.
December 2003 LsrmCustoms software was adapted for RSU "Signal" and delivered to the State Customs Committee of Russia.
May 2004 In terms of agreement with Joint-Stock Company "Canberra Paccard Trading Corporation" Lsrm software was adapted for the Canberra analyzers.
October 2004 SpectraLine, the first program of Lsrm2005 family, was developed for spectrometry measurements and linear spectra processing by the commonly used methods.
October 2004 The measurement method "Nuclides activity in the measured samples. Method of measurements by gamma-, beta-spectrometers, using LSRM software" was certified by All-Russia D.I.Mendeleyev Scientific and Research Institute for Metrology (VNIIM) (FGUP "D.I.Mendeleyev VNIIM"). It was added to the Kazakhstan Register of State System of Measurement Uniformity.
March 2006 The methodology for alpha-spectrometry analysis of U and Pu was developed and realized as SpectraLineAda-ECP software for FGUP "ECP", Zelenogorsk.
September 2006 The true coincidence factors calculation method and it's validity test results were published in "Atomic energy" 5 (2006) as the article of Berlizov A.N., Danilenko V.N., Kazimirov A.S., Solovyeva S.L.
December 2007 The project "The software emulator for practical application of spectrometers SKS-50M and Gamma-1C/NB1" was finished. This project was realized by the order of Federal Customs Service. It is one of most global our projects. The work was lasting for two years. The project was installed in the branches of Russian Customs Academy.
April 2008 The representation of LSRM in the European Union was organized on the basis of the company Europolis in Gdansk.
May 2008 The research contract was signed with IAEA. The research project is "Development and test of field usable software for the analysis of gamma spectra of seized sources".
October 2008 The thesis "The software package for emulation of gamma spectrometry experiments and method of gamma-spectra processing" was defended by Solovyeva S.L. in Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, on October 29,2008. This thesis was put forward for Ph.D. degree of the specialty 01.04.01 Experimental techniques, physics of instruments, automation of physical research.
March 2009 The first native digital spectrometry device was integrated with SpectraLine software package by the professionals from LSRM together with their colleagues from IFTP (The Institute in Physical and Technical Problems).
June 2010 The software package EffMaker for calculation of the registration efficiency and for modeling of gamma-spectra for different measurement geometries by Monte Carlo method was created.
December 2010 "The methodology for calculation of the summary beta-activity of the daughter products of the uranium radioactivity decay in the measured samples on the beta-spectrometer, using LSRM software", developed by LSRM in FGUP VNIIFTRI, was certified.
May 2011 "The methodology for metal monitoring", developed by SPC Aspect and LSRM was certified.
August 2011 "The methodology for calculation of the gamma-radiating radionuclide's activity in containers with waste products, using gamma-spectrometric package with LSRM software SpectraLine and EffMaker",developed by LSRM in FGUP VNIIFTRI, was certified.
September 2011 The first courses for advanced training "Practical spectrometry" were held.
2011 The research project with IAEA "Creation and testing of the software using in real-life conditions for analysis of forfeit sources gamma-spectra" was finished. Final report "Development and Test of Field Useable Software for the Analysis of Gamma Spectra of Seized Sources 2011" was presented.
2011 Family of programs Lsrm2010 was developed.
April 2012 25 spectrometers based on detectors LaBr with SpectraLineAmethyst software were delivered to FTS.
August 2012 "LSRM Odesa" company that has a right to distribute LSRM software programs in Ukraine was established.
April 2013 The new version of software package LSRM-SPORO with support of the Canberra portable scintillation gamma-spectrometer Inspector-1000 was created.
October 2013 The new version of Diogen III software package was developed for radioactive waste certification using inventory systems with arbitrary number of measurement channels, including inventory system of SKG-02-03 type for non-return shielding containers.
February 2014 "The Methodology for monitoring", stated in document Radionuclides activity in measured samples. The methodology for measurement with gamma-spectrometers using SpectraLine software" developed by LSRM was certified.
February 2014 SpectraLine 1.5 software packages were updated on LSRM web-site.
March 2014 "Methodologies for calculation of the radionuclide specific activity in measured samples on beta-and gamma spectrometers using SpectraLine software" were certified.
May 2014 LSRM was added to the State Register of accredited organizations.
May-June 2014 LSRM software was registered in the State Register of computer programs.
March 2017 Our software is registered in the Unified Register of Russian software for computers and databases.
February 2018 "The measurement procedure for randomly distributed activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in casks using a gamma-spectrometric system with SpectraLine software" was certified.
July 2018 LSRM SPORO Stereo software has been developed for measurement of objects with sophisticated geometrical parameters using several spectrometric channels and various peripheral devices. There is also the possibility of identification, calculation of nonuniformly distributed activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides and certification of radioactive wastes.
October 2018 The project with IAEA "Expert-Level Multipurpose Gamma-Spectrometry Software" was finished. Final report was presented.
January 2021 The new versions of SpectraLine 1.7 and Nuclide Master (Plus) 2.10 software packages have been issued on LSRM web-site.
March 2022 "The method of measurement of the activity of radionuclides in the counting samples by alpha-spectrometers using SpectraLine software" was certified.
July 2022 A new option AuditTrail, audit log for SpectraLineXX software family, has been released.
July 2022 "The activity measurement procedure for gamma emitting radionuclides in counting samples with the use of gamma radiation spectrometers and SpectraLine and Nuclide Master Plus software" was certified.
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