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Nuclide Master Plus

Nuclide Master Plus

Nuclide Master Plus is an extended version of Nuclide Master software. It is intended for calculation of detection efficiency, spectra and correction factors for true coincidences. EffCalcMC (Efficiency Calculation Monte-Carlo) is the main program.

Version: 2.10.1575
Update date: 10-10-2023
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
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Version 2.10 is extended with new functionality:

Scope of application

The calculation is based on Monte-Carlo method using parameters of the required nuclides from the library of evaluated nuclear structure data ENSDF (Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File). The calculations can be performed for semiconductor (coaxial, well-type) and scintillation detectors which are saved in database compatible with EffMaker software.

Marinelli vessels, cylinder, truncated cone and point can be used as the measurement geometries.


A gamma spectrum can be calculated for any set of radionuclides from Nuclide Master database.

Main functions

  • detectors and measurement geometries parameters setting and saving in database;
  • lines and radionuclides lists creation;
  • calculation of detection efficiency, factors for true coincidence correction and gamma spectra using Monte-Carlo method;
  • data filtering;
  • creation and addition of library of correction factors, which can be included in SpectraLine software package to take into account the effect of true coincidence in the procedure of activity calculation;
  • data viewing and saving in a detection efficiency calibration file;
  • batch processing possibility for several geometries and energy ranges.

Updating the libraries of correction factors created in previous versions of the program

The libraries of true coincidence factors created in older versions of the program based on ENSDF / 2 files may contain energy values that do not correspond to the values from the Nuclide Master database, which is based on ENSDF data from the Brookhaven laboratory website.

The energy values can be corrected within the limits of uncertainty and taking into account the lines of daughter nuclides according to the decay chain.

Calculation of correction factors for true coincidence

The effect of a decreasing or an increasing in the number of pulses registered in the peaks of total absorption due to true summation at the detector output is a serious problem in many applications of gamma spectrometry, which can have a strong influence on the accuracy of the obtained results.

Nuclide Master Plus is used to calculate true coincidence factors for a wide range of gamma-emitting radionuclides. The calculation is based on the Monte-Carlo method with application of the most complete, precise and recent decay data from ENSDF.

High precision and reliability of calculations, confirmed by numerous experimental tests, are ensured by taking into account true summation processes, which, in addition to gamma-gamma correlations, also include correlations of gamma rays with annihilation quanta accompanying b + decay, as well as X-ray characteristic quanta of the K- and L-series emitted as a result of internal conversion and K-capture. In addition, the spatial inhomogeneity of the gamma-ray field (the so-called angular correlations of gamma rays) and the time dynamics of decay caused by the finite lifetimes of excited states of the daughter nucleus are taken into account.

Calculation of the electron transport and full efficiency are available in software version of 2.10 and higher.


True coincidence factors calculation (Atomic energy, 2006)
(PDF, 414 КБ)

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