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Radioactive Waste Inventory Systems

LSRM SPORO Stereo 02.07.2018 LSRM SPORO Stereo
LSRM SPORO Stereo software package has been developed for measurement of objects with sophisticated geometrical parameters under measurement scenarios with the possibility of using several spectrometric channels and various peripheral devices, for identification, calculation of nonuniformly distributed activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides and for radioactive waste certification.
Diogen 17.05.2014 Diogen
Diogen III software package has been developed for radioactive waste monitoring using inventory systems with arbitrary number of measurement channels, including inventory system of SKG-02-03 type for non-return shielding containers.
LSRM SPORO software package has been developed for certification of radioactive wastes using spectrometric systems ISOCART of AMETEK, Gamma-1P, Gamma-1S/NB-02 of SPC «Aspect» etc.

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