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LSRM SPORO Stereo software package has been developed for measurement of objects with sophisticated geometrical parameters under measurement scenarios with the possibility of using several spectrometric channels and various peripheral devices, for identification, calculation of nonuniformly distributed activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides and for radioactive waste certification.
Version: 0.1.462
Update date: 02-07-2018
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
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LSRM SPORO Stereo. User's Manual.pdf
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The package consists of the following software modules:
  • SpectraLineHandy is used for measurement and activity calculation of open sources and the sources in the shielded containers using semiconductor or scintillation gamma spectrometers; SpectraLineHandy is extended by the following options:
  • o   SPORO which is lcalc_waste.dll library for for interpretation of the measurement results and waste categorization.
    o   Stereo for processing and activity calculation for the samples in several positions.
  • Shiva is intended for organization of measuring process in according with the measurement scenario.
  • Nuclide Master is used to get information about radioactive decay parameters and to create the user libraries of radionuclides.
  • EffMaker is used for efficiency calibration of the objects with the sophisticated geometrical parameters.

  • Functions
    • Certification of non-standard large complex objects with arbitrary distribution of activity
    • Creation of individual measurement scenarios for complex objects, serial or parallel measurements under these scenarios
    • Using one or several detectors of different types for the measurements
    • Interfacing with all types of detectors supported by SpectraLine.
    • Interfacing with dose rate measurement devices.
    • Managing of different types of devices: scales, positioners, rotating platforms, etc
    • Selection of the detector location for full covering of the measured object depending on its geometry.
    • Multiple measurements from different positions, followed by joint processing of all measured spectra for getting a result activity value.
    • Getting a scheme of activity distribution in the object according to the processing results.
    • Integration with SpectraLine (the use of common processing techniques and the database of measured samples).
    • Using of traditional GUI and all functions of SpectraLine standard software.
    • Multi-user GUI with an authorized access to the software functions.
    Terms and Fundamentals
    The measuring object is a model created using EffMaker software. It is described by a structure in xml-format. In addition to the geometric parameters, the names of the components and other data required for detection efficiency calculation are saved in it. Splitting into parts is performed according to the measuring procedure for this type of objects.

    The measurement point is a position of the detector relative to the measuring object. It is characterized by the name and the measured side.

    The measurement scheme is a set of measurement points.

    The measurement scenario is a sequence of steps that must be performed to measure an object. The steps are the spectra acquisition from the certain measurement points as well as preliminary operations (measurement of the container mass, the filters installation, the container rotation etc.). The measurement scheme is uniquely correlated with the measuring object.
    The measurement scenario and the measuring object are stored in a text file in xml-format, that is the file of measurement scenario. It can contain several measurement scenarios.

    Stereo-measurements are the measurements of the object (container) according to the measurement scheme.

    Joint processing of the spectra in SpectraLine is processing and activity calculation for several spectra measured under the specified measurement scenario for the specified geometry.
    The description of the measuring object with splitting into parts, the measurement scenario for this object (see above), the detection efficiency calibration for each part of the object and for the object as a whole, a set of measured spectra are required for the joint processing.

    The measurement results for a particular instance of the object will be called a sample or a measured sample.

    The detection efficiency should be calculated for each part of an object and for the entire object in all measurement points (i.e. for the object spited into N parts and for the measurement scheme with M points the number of detection efficiencies is N * M + M, where the last M efficiencies are efficiencies for the entire object without splitting, calculated for each measurement point).
    The number of spectra measured in each measurement point in accordance with the scenario should not be less than the parts number for joint processing.

    Procedure of Measurements
    "The method of measurement of randomly distributed activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in the containers using gamma - spectrometric system with SpectraLine software" document has been developed by LSRM Ltd and has passed the metrological certification under Rosatom requirements and national standard GOST 8.638-2013.

    State registration:
    LSRM SPORO Stereo was registered in the State Register of computer programs on the 2th of February 2022.

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