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LSRM SPORO software package has been developed for certification of radioactive wastes using spectrometric systems ISOCART of AMETEK, Gamma-1P, Gamma-1S/NB-02 of SPC «Aspect» etc.
Version: 1.5.3068
Update date: 28-02-2014
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
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The package consists of the following software modules:
The software is used for measurement and activity calculation of open sources and the sources in the shielded containers using semiconductor or scintillation gamma spectrometers. It also supports all capabilities of SpectraLine family, in addition:
  • parameters calculation for transport containers and radiation absorption in container's walls;
  • activity estimation in case of container's unknown thickness;
  • addition of containers to database by user.
The software has been developed for modeling of gamma spectra and calculation of detection efficiency for objects with different geometrical parameters. The field of application includes semiconducting and scintillation detectors; cylindrical, spherical and rectangular objects.

The software has been developed for getting information on radioactive decay parameters of radionuclides. It supports view and saving of alpha and gamma lines lists in format, compatible with SpectraLine; lines list forming of all radionuclides; calculation of a nuclide activity according to its decay chain to the specified time.

Sanitary Regulations on Handling Radioactive Waste
The module for interpretation of the measurement results and waste categorization has been added to the SpectraLineHandy for LSRM SPORO. The information of radioactive waste categorization and opportunity of report generation have been added to the calculation results window.

These programs are autonomous. They can be used independently. Connection between programs is realized by using of special functions which transfer data from one program to another. There are user's manuals for every program in Doc directories.

State registration:
LSRM SPORO was registered in the State Register of computer programs on the 6th of May 2014.

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