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LSRM 2010 Package

SpectraLineXX software is a part of Lsrm2010 software package. SpectraLineXX has been developed for spectrometry measurements and processing of linear spectra. Spectra processing procedures include calibration, peaks parameters determination, radionuclides identification and activity calculation. In addition, SpectraLineXX software supports continuous beta-spectra processing.
Supported devices and spectra formats
SpectraLine supports different types of detectors (with HPGe, NaI, CsI, LaBr3(Cl3) for gamma radiation) and for detectors of different manufactures:
  • SPC Aspect;
  • BSI;
  • GBS;
  • Ortec;
  • Canberra;
  • XIA;
  • GreenStar;
  • STC Amplituda;
  • ОAO Expertcenter;    
  • SPC Doza;
  • IFTP.

  • SpectraLine supports the most well-known spectra formats:
  • *.spc (SPC Aspect);    
  • *.chn (Ortec);
  • *.mca (BSI, XIA);
  • *.cnf (Canberra);
  • *.wsp;
  • *.asc (IAEA);
  • *.ats (Atomtex);
  • *.spm (extended, LSRM).

  • Functions:

    Work with operations
    Creation and editing of new and existent configurations, their parameters changing, deleting and saving of configurations list.

    Primary, energy, FWHM, peak form, detection efficiency calibration.

    Spectra processing
    • searching of informative intervals around peaks (spectra marking), peaks position determination (automatic peaks search, interactive mode and lines adding from library);
    • approximation of informative intervals using model function and peaks parameters determination (fitting);
    • setting of spectra processing bounds;
    • taking into account of background in channels and peaks;
    • activity calculation by base, zone by zone, enchanced zone by zone, all zones, all zones with smoothing, etalon, quasi-etalon methods;
    • special processing functions and reports;
    • operations with spectra database;
    • calculation of dose capacity;
    • spectra comparison;
    • spectrum generation for arbitrary acquisition time.
    Operations with spectrum window
    • zones selection, splitting and merging, fitting in the zone, viewing, updating and saving of zones parameters;
    • adding and deleting of peaks, peaks parameters viewing;
    • setting of spectrum window: axes, style, graph grid of spectrum, spectrum scale, ranging, pane window;
    • operations with several peaks.
    Operations with analyzer
    • analyzer start and cleaning;
    • analyzer stop in real and live time;
    • serial measurements;
    • viewing of analyzer’s state information;
    • data copying into the spectrum window;
    • data loading to analyzer.
    The list of commands of the scenarios has been extended. Now the complex schemes of measurement and processing of samples, spectrometer calibration, background measurement and other tasks can be realized.

    Materials database
    • database with absorption values of gamma-radiation in different materials on the base of Photon Cross Sections Database for calculation of absorption in the sample material;
    • the utility for the materials database editing.
    Joint measurements
    The function of the joint measurement and processing for two-channels beta-gamma-spectrometers is added, so their using is simplified and precision of activity calculation is increased, especially for beta-emitting radionuclides.

    Operations can be performed in operator-administrator mode. The functions of measurement and processing of the sample can be only available in operator mode. The processing settings and expert settings can be protected by password.

    Start with parameters
    New parameters of the command line are supported, so the processing scenarios can be run at the software start.

    External programs
    Peaks search results can be transferred to external user programs for continuous processing. External programs can be used in SpectraLineXX as an additional instrument for user methodologies realization for the specific spectrometric tasks.

    MDI GUI interface
    MDI GUI interface which is uniform for all SpectraLine programs: spectrum is displayed in a separate window with approximating function and processing results. The spectrum can be scaled, shifted; the scale and custom color palette can be changed; several spectra can be viewed in the same window using comparison mode; the ratio of counting number deviation from approximating curve to counting number error can be displayed.

    Special reports based on standards of radionuclides content in different environments
    • measurement protocols for typical certified measurements including safety norms of natural radiation sources (sanitary regulations;
    • sanitary and epidemiological rules and safety norms of provision (sanitary regulations;
    • sanitary and epidemiological rules and safety norms of forest management production (sanitary regulations;
    • hygienic norms about technogenic radionuclides content in metals (hygienic regulations
    State Registration
    SpectraLine software was registered in the State Register for computer programs on the 29th of May 2014.

    SpectraLineGP 06.10.2016 SpectraLineGP
    SpectraLineGP (Gamma Precision) software package has been developed for spectrometric measurements and precision processing of gamma-spectra, measured by semiconductor and scintillation spectrometers.
    SpectraLineBG 06.10.2016 SpectraLineBG
    SpectraLineBG software package has been developed for spectrometric analysis using both semiconductor and scintillation gamma-beta-spectrometers.
    SpectraLineNM 06.10.2016 SpectraLineNM
    SpectraLineNM (Nuclear Materials) software is designed for determination of isotopic composition of uranium and plutonium for both planar and coaxial HPGe-detectors.
    SpectraLineHandy 06.10.2016 SpectraLineHandy
    SpectraLineHandy software package has been developed for identification and activity calculation of open sources and sources in transport containers using portable semiconducting and scintillation gamma-radiation spectrometers.
    SpectraLineUltimate 06.10.2016 SpectraLineUltimate
    SpectraLineUltimate software package involves all SpectraLine capabilities.
    SpectraLineADA 06.10.2016 SpectraLineADA
    SpectraLineADA (Alpha Decay Analysis) software package has been developed for alpha-spectrometric analysis with spectrometers on the base of both semiconductor detectors and ionization chambers.
    SpectraLine 06.10.2016 SpectraLine
    SpectraLine software package has been developed for spectrometry measurements and processing of linear spectra, typical for gamma — and alpha — spectrometry, and continuous beta-spectra. Spectra processing procedures include calibration, peaks parameters determination.

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