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SpectraLineGP 06.10.2016 SpectraLineGP
SpectraLineGP (Gamma Precision) software package has been developed for spectrometric measurements and precision processing of gamma-spectra, measured by semiconductor and scintillation spectrometers.
SpectraLineBG 06.10.2016 SpectraLineBG
SpectraLineBG software package has been developed for spectrometric analysis using both semiconductor and scintillation gamma-beta-spectrometers.
SpectraLineNM 06.10.2016 SpectraLineNM
SpectraLineNM (Nuclear Materials) software is designed for determination of isotopic composition of uranium and plutonium for both planar and coaxial HPGe-detectors.
SpectraLineHandy 06.10.2016 SpectraLineHandy
SpectraLineHandy software package has been developed for identification and activity calculation of open sources and sources in transport containers using portable semiconducting and scintillation gamma-radiation spectrometers.
SpectraLineUltimate 06.10.2016 SpectraLineUltimate
SpectraLineUltimate software package involves all SpectraLine capabilities.
SpectraLineADA 06.10.2016 SpectraLineADA
SpectraLineADA (Alpha Decay Analysis) software package has been developed for alpha-spectrometric analysis with spectrometers on the base of both semiconductor detectors and ionization chambers.
SpectraLine 06.10.2016 SpectraLine
SpectraLine software package has been developed for spectrometry measurements and processing of linear spectra, typical for gamma — and alpha — spectrometry, and continuous beta-spectra. Spectra processing procedures include calibration, peaks parameters determination.

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