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Organizational Committee


V.N. Danilenko, chairman
OOO "LSRM", Mendeleevo, Russia

E.I. Zaitsev, V.M. Savin
SPC Aspect, Dubna, Russia

M.V. Ivliev, V.A. Tikhomirov
FSUE "Radon", Moscow, Russia

A.S. Kazimirov

Atom Komplex Prylad, Kiev, Ukraine

V.A. Kozhemyakin
AtomTech, Minsk, Byelorussia

S.V. Krivasheev
OOO EcoSphere Ltd, Moscow, Russia

V.V. Matonin
LLP «EcoExpert», Karaganda, Kazakhstan

V.P. Moshak, A.D. Sokolov
Baltic Scientific Instruments, Riga, Latvia

M.P. Murashova
Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex, Angarsk , Russia

K. Nurlybaev
SPC Doza, Zelenograd, Russia

A.A. Smirnov, V.S. Khrunov
FGUP "IFTP", Dubna, Russia

I.G. Tolpekin, A.A. Trokhan
ОAO Expertcenter, Mendeleevo, Russia

I.A. Kharitonov
FGUP "D.I.Mendeleyev VNIIM", St. Petersburg, Russia

Addresses of national committees

Russia (committee chairman)
124460, Moscow, Zelenograd, General Alekseev avenue, 15
Тел./Факс: (495) 660-16-14

1, Murmanskaya str., Kyiv-94, Ukraine, 02094
Tel./Fax: (+380-44) 573-26-55, 573-25-97, 558-26-11

5 Gikalo St., Minsk 220005, Republic of Belarus
Tel.: (+375-17) 232-81-42, 284-40-16
Fax: (+375-17) 232-81-42, 213-49-88

Baltic Scientific Instruments, Ganibu dambis 26, P.O.Box 33, LV-1005, Riga, Latvia
Tel.: (+371) 738-39-47
Fax: (+371) 738-26-20

PASR Organizational Committee Membership Regulations

1. Rights and Duties of the Organizational Committee Members on the Conference Organization.

The companies-organizers are required to:
— do the advance payment for their participation, including the participation in the exhibition before the 1-st notification of the conference. If there is no advance payment, it's the argument for the organizer of the current PASR conference to exclude this company from the organizational committee after agreement with other members of the committee. The payment form should be agreed with the main organizer.
— take part into the conference advertising actively. First of all, they should publish an information about the next conference by the requirement of the main organizer.
— provide the prizes for the lottery.

The companies-organizers have the right to:
— be mentioned in all PASR documents, which are sent to the main potential customers, as a member of the organizational committee of the respected conference, i.e. it's the right to advertising.
— publish their advertising in the reports thesis without additional payment, in the agreed amount.
— take part into all meetings of the organizational committee with the vote in making decisions.

2. Order of the Changing of the Organizational Committee Membership.

The affiliation or exclusion from the organizational committee is done by the qualified majority, i.e. by 2/3 of the organizational committee members by requirement of any member of the organizational committee. The affiliation should be done after the agreement of the new member.
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