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International conference "Problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry" is postponed to 2023

The XVI International Conference named after V.N. Danilenko "Problems of Applied Spectrometry and Radiometry", Moscow, October 10 to 13, 2022

Dear leaders of nuclear industry enterprises, managers of radiation safety and radiation monitoring services, developers of dosimetric, radiometric and spectrometric equipment, managers and specialists of testing laboratories and metrological services! We are announcing the upcoming event to You. 

The conference will be held from October 10 to 13, 2022 in Moscow, Hotel Complex Alfa (Partizanskaya metro station).

The International Meeting "Problems of Applied Spectrometry and Radiometry" (PASR) is organized and made by a group of the most famous enterprises in Russia and abroad in the sphere of registration and measurement of ionizing radiation. The meeting has been held regularly since 1996. The meeting has no permanent registration place. It was held in Mendeleevo, Dubna, Zarechny, Odessa, Riga, Tuapse, St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities. In recent years, it has become a tradition to hold a meeting once every two years. 

The main purpose of the conference is the exchange of scientific and practical experience of specialists working in the nuclear and related industries.

Topics of the Conference

  • development and use of equipment, software, methodological and metrological support of measurements of ionizing radiation;
  • standardization of radiation protection devices;
  • accounting and control of nuclear materials;
  • methods for characterization of radioactive waste of different morphology with the purpose of categorization during decommissioning of NRH;
  • control of technological processes at NPPs and enterprises of the State Corporation ROSATOM;
  • radiation monitoring and environmental protection;
  • research using nuclear physics methods;
  • legal aspects of radiation safety.

Organizing Committee of PASR-2022

V.A. Kozhemyakin acting chairman            AtomTech, Minsk, Belarus
A.A. Trokhan            LSRM Ltd., Zelenograd, Russia
S.K.Vasiliev             V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
M.V. Ivliev            JSC A.A. Bochvar VNIINM, Moscow, Russia
V.M. Savin, A.V.Prokhorov            SPC Aspect, Dubna, Russia
S.V. Krivasheev            EcoSphere Ltd, Moscow, Russia
V.V. Matonin, V.V. Matonin            LLP EcoExpert, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
V.P. Moshak            Baltic Scientific Instruments, .,
K.N. Nurlybaev            SPC Doza, Zelenograd, Russia
A.A. Smirnov            FGUP IFTP, Dubna, Russia
I.G. Tolpekin            Expertcenter, Zelenograd, Russia
N.N. Moiseev, S.V. Sepman            FGUP D.I.Mendeleyev VNIIM, St. Petersburg, Russia
R.S. Akhmadiev            State corporation MEDTECHATOM, Kazan, Russia
S.V.Malinovsky, V.F. Yeltsin            GreenStar Instruments Ltd, Moscow, Russia

Important dates

September 1                                        the end of abstracts acception;
October 10, from 10.00 to 14.00        registration of the Conference participants;
October 10, from 15.00 to 18.00        opening and beginning of the Conference;
October 11 from 10.00 to 18.00         plenary reports;
October 12 from 10.00 to 18.00         reports;
October 13 from 11.00                        closing of the Conference;


Project manager Kolosnitsina Ksenia Alexandrovna
phone: +7 (495) 150-40-12, add 18
Organizing Committee member Krivasheev Sergey Vladimirovich
phone: +7 (916) 3223771

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