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The basic “LSRM” Ltd activities are the development of software, methodical and metrological maintenance of the ionizing radiation measurements:
Software packages for α-, β- and γ- radiation semiconductor and scintillation spectrometers:
— The certified measurements
— Detection and identification of the fissionable and radioactive materials
— Radiation monitoring

Original methodics of measurements
Databases with radioactive decay parameters
Original algorithms and calculation methods for ionizing radiation characteristics


4 April, 2017 Begins Accepting Applications to Participation in PASR-2017! The XIV international conference "Problems of the applied spectrometry and radiometry" PASR-2017 will take place in Moscow, from 4 to 7 of October, 2017.
The booklet PASR-2017
PASR-2017 20 September, 2016 PASR-2017 Due to questions addressed to the Organizational Committee about the place and registration fee of PASR-2017 we inform about the decision taken by the Organizational Committee.
PASR-2015 has been held in St. Petersburg 22 October, 2015 PASR-2015 has been held in St. Petersburg The 13th International Conference "The problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry" organized by “EcoSphera” and held in St. Petersburg from 5th to 8th of October has finished.
"Yields of Gamma Radiation U-235" article published in "ANRI" 16 September, 2015 "Yields of Gamma Radiation U-235" article published in "ANRI" "Yields of Gamma Radiation U-235" article (Berlizov Andrey (IAEА, Viennа, Аustria), Danilenko Vladimir ("LSRM" Ltd, Moscow, Russia), Kuvykin Ilya (FSUE "VNIIFTRI", Moscow, Russia), Kutnii Dmitriy (NSC "KIPT", Kharkov, Ukraine)) has been published at ANRI magazine:

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