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EffMaker 3.7

A new version of EffMaker software (EffMaker 3.7) has been uploaded. This version has several updates: EffMaker 3.7
Features of EffMaker 3.7
  • New modules of calculation of detectors responses (DRGen), response matrices (RMGen), physical spectra (PSGen) and apparatus spectra (ASGen) with improved characteristics and corrected algorithms have been developed.
  • A possibility of spectra generation with determined peak pattern has been added.
  • Calculation of acquisition time of generated spectra has been developed.
  • Spectra calculation errors for analyzers with more than 16000 channels have been corrected.
  • The databases selection has been optimized, which has enabled to avoid copying of directories with response matrices after switching.
  • The process of working with materials of objects has been updated, which has solved the problem with different material databases located in different directories.
  • A possibility of FWHM calibration by three points has been added (662 keV point has been added).
  • A possibility of calculations for detectors placed inside the objects has been added.
  • Account of Lorentz widths for X-lines during spectra calculation has been added.

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