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News archive 2017

30.10 EffMaker 3.7
A new version of EffMaker software (EffMaker 3.7) has been uploaded. This version has several updates: EffMaker 3.7

News archive 2014

28.02 SpectraLine 1.5
Updates of SpectraLine software have been published at the site.
SpectraLine 1.5 Package

News archive 2013

11.02 New Versions of Software
New versions (1.4.2716) of SpectraLine software have been uploaded to the site. Products

News archive 2010

22.03 Updated Demoversions of Programs
Demoversions of programs of family LSRM-2005 1.3.1686 and NuclideMaster 2.6.333 are updated.

News archive 2008

16.12 New Version 2.6.290 of NuclideMaster
The new version 2.6.290 of NuclideMaster package has been developed.
03.07 Demoversions of Lsrm 2005 Package
Demoversions of Lsrm 2005 package can be downloaded from the web-site.

News archive 2007

News archive 2006

News archive 2005

News archive 2004

04.10 LSRM2005 - SpectraLine
The next software of LSRM-2005 package has been developed.


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