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News 2021

02.03 Content download via Google Chrome is temporarily unavailable
Distributions and documentation download from the site via the Google Chrome browser is temporarily unavailable.
At the moment, other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox allow downloading.

News 2019

17.07 Registration certificates
Our software has been registered in the Register of U.S. Copyright office.
The registration certificates are available in the Certificates section

13.05 LSRM on Facebook!
We are on Facebook now, join us!

News 2018

19.02 Certification of Radiation Control Methods
The method of measurement of the specific activity of gamma-emitting radionuclides in the containers with radioactive wastes has been certified. The scanned attestation certificate and its signed copy are available in the Methods section.

News 2015

16.09 "Yields of Gamma Radiation U-235" article published in "ANRI"
"Yields of Gamma Radiation U-235" article (Berlizov Andrey (IAE, Vienn, ustria), Danilenko Vladimir (LSRM, Moscow, Russia), Kuvykin Ilya (FSUE "VNIIFTRI", Moscow, Russia), Kutnii Dmitriy (NSC "KIPT", Kharkov, Ukraine)) has been published at ANRI magazine:

News 2014

23.10 International Safeguards Symposium
LSRM took part in International Safeguards Symposium Linking Strategy, Implementation and People which has been held at the IAEAs.
18.06 State Registration of Our Software and Accreditation of Our Company
Our company has been accredited in the field of information technologies. A record about that has been added to the State Register of accredited organizations on the 30th of May, 2014.
Our software has been registered in the State Register of computer programs.
The extract of the State Register and the certificates of state registration of the programs are available in the Certificates section.

News 2013

27.11 XX annual seminar Spectrometer analysis. Equipment and data processing on PC, November 18-22
LSRM took part in the XX annual seminar Spectrometer analysis. Equipment and data processing on PC, November 18-22, Obninsk. We have presented two reports:
Inventory system SKG-02-03 for radioactive waste control using non-return shielding containers and Intensities of photon radiation of 235U in balance with 231Th.

News 2012

23.08 LSRM Odessa
Company "LSRM Odessa" has been established!

News 2011

28.03 Fukushima Forum Section
A new section devoted to Fukushima has been added to our forum. Fukushima forum

News 2009

13.08 Final Report on the Development of Simulator-emulator
Uploaded final report on the development of trainer-emulator to develop practical skills in gamma-spectroscopy

News 2008

29.10 Solovyeva Svetlana has Defended the Thesis
We congratulate Solovyeva Svetlana on her defence of the thesis!
18.07 IAEA Meeting
LSRM took part in the IAEA meeting.
14.04 Representative Office the European Union
General Director of LSRM has visited the company Europolis.

News 2007

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