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News 2013

11.02 New Versions of Software
New versions (1.4.2716) of SpectraLine software have been uploaded to the site. Products

News 2012

23.08 LSRM Odessa
Company "LSRM Odessa" has been established!

News 2011

28.03 Fukushima Forum Section
A new section devoted to Fukushima has been added to our forum. Fukushima forum

News 2010

22.03 Updated Demoversions of Programs
Demoversions of programs of family LSRM-2005 1.3.1686 and NuclideMaster 2.6.333 are updated.

News 2009

13.08 Final Report on the Development of Simulator-emulator
Uploaded final report on the development of trainer-emulator to develop practical skills in gamma-spectroscopy

News 2008

16.12 New Version 2.6.290 of NuclideMaster
The new version 2.6.290 of NuclideMaster package has been developed.
29.10 Solovyeva Svetlana has Defended the Thesis
We congratulate Solovyeva Svetlana on her defence of the thesis!
18.07 IAEA Meeting
LSRM took part in the IAEA meeting.
03.07 Demoversions of Lsrm 2005 Package
Demoversions of Lsrm 2005 package can be downloaded from the web-site.
14.04 Representative Office the European Union
General Director of LSRM has visited the company Europolis.

News 2007

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