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EffMaker software package has been developed for calculation of detection efficiency and modeling of gamma spectra in different measurement geometries using Monte-Carlo method. It has ample opportunities for creation and editing of multi-layer measurement objects and spectrometers based on semiconducting and scintillation detectors with different collimators.

Features of EffMaker 3.7
- New modules of calculation of detectors responses (DRGen), response matrices (RMGen), physical spectra (PSGen) and apparatus spectra (ASGen) with improved characteristics and corrected algorithms have been developed.
- A possibility of spectra generation with determined peak pattern has been added.
- Calculation of acquisition time of generated spectra has been developed.
- Spectra calculation errors for analyzers with more than 16000 channels have been corrected.
- The databases selection has been optimized, which has enabled to avoid copying of directories with response matrices after switching.
- The process of working with materials of objects has been updated, which has solved the problem with different material databases located in different directories.
- A possibility of FWHM calibration by three points has been added (662 keV point has been added).
- A possibility of calculations for detectors placed inside the objects has been added.
- Account of Lorentz widths for X-lines during spectra calculation has been added.
Version: 3.7.777
Update date: 30-06-2023
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
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(EXE, 170 MB)
(PDF, 740 KB)
When to use it
EffMaker software package can be used for measurements of objects activity by gamma-spectrometric methods if the spectrometry calibration by reference standards is difficult, e.g. for measurement of transport containers, packages with radioactive waste, other waste. Objects with arbitrary distribution of activity, which includes nonuniform distribution, can be modeled using this software package. So it can be used for analysis of how radionuclides distribution in the sample affects the activity measurements results. This function presents the promising way of EffMaker using for development and testing of a software and methodological support.

Installation files
  • EffMaker 3.7 - version with new calculation modules which was released in 2017. Installation files are in the list for download.
  • EffMaker 3.6. Installation files are in the list for download too (after 3.7 installation files).
  • detectors and gamma-emitted objects models creation in 3D GUI;
  • built-in set of patterns of measurements objects which simplify the procedure of creation of sources with sophisticated geometrical parameters;
  • fine adjustment of relative position of the detector and the object, including the option of the detector placing inside the object;
  • calculation of spectrum and detection efficiency for the selected geometry;
  • batch calculation of detection efficiency for different detectors and objects;
  • energy spectrum calculation using energy grid or by setting of activities of radionuclides with consideration of the decay chain;
  • the database of cross-sections of interaction of gamma rays with matter for setting of arbitrary material of the object;
  • radionuclides database on the basis of ENSDF compatible with Nuclide Master;
  • the models and calculation results saving in the database;
  • integration of calculation results with SpectraLine software package;
  • bilingual (Russian and English) GUI.
Objects of gamma radiation

A modeled object is a dissymmetric structure consisting of embedded cylinders, parallelepipeds, spheres.
So objects with sophisticated parameters and arbitrary distribution of activity can be modeled: with surface (internal and external), volume distribution etc.

The built-in set of patterns in EffMaker simplifies the creation of complex geometrical objects with nonuniform activity distribution. The following patterns are included:
  • a truncated cone, with one-layer or two-layer walls;
  • an empty or filled tube, open sidelong test tube with internal or external surface contamination;
  • angle bar and double tee with random orientation, with the contaminated surface;
  • a box for the air tubes modeling with external contamination, activity can be distributed in internal or external layers.

Detection equipment
Scope of application: semiconducting and scintillation detectors  and different models of collimators.
Parameters of detectors and collimators models are specified with easy-to-use GUI and stored in the database.

Batch calculation
The detection efficiency can be calculated for the list of configurations in batch mode.

Measurement results: storage and display
Results of detection efficiency calculation can be viewed using Efficiency utility. The dependence between the efficiency and energy can be displayed, data can be approximated and saved in different formats using this utility. The calculated efficiency data can be used in SpectraLine.

Selective copy
The following functions are provided for selective copying of data:
  • creation of empty databases set or databases set with copies of all models (detectors, collimators etc.);
  • creation of databases set without calculations results except for the detectors response functions;
  • copying of models selected by user to a new or existing databases set.

State Registration:
EffMaker software package has been registered in the Register of U.S. Copyright office.

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