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The XI International Conference
"The problems of applied spectrometry and radiometry"

The anniversary eleventh conference PASR-2009 took part into Aga settlement (Tuapse), from 20 to 25 of September, 2009. The conference has been organized by Edicational and Methodical Center "Eko Sphere".

Theses and presentations

Theses of the Reports Provided on PASR-2009
(PDF, 609 )


1. FGU "32 National Scientific-Research Institute of Ministry of Defense"
2. MosSPE "Radon"
3. Dollezhal NIKIET
4. FGUP Institute in Physical and Technical Problems
5. FGUP "Production Association "Electrochemical plant"
6. Uralsk State Technical Institute - UPI
7. FGUP "Mayak"
8. JSK "Expertcenter"
9. "Moscow Polymetals Plant"
10. "LSRM" Ltd
11. SPE "Spectr-MEPhI"
12. Institute of Engineering Ecology
13. SPE Atomtex
14. Chernobyl NPP
15. SPC "Aspect"
16. JSK "cyclotron"
18. RPE "Atom Komplex Prylad"
19. "Ristel"
20. Uralsk Electrochemical Complex
21. SPE "Luch", "Techno-Luch" department
22. 000 "NTM - Zashita"
23. "Kristall"
24. V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute
25. "Eleron" NIKO-2
26. "Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Complex"
27. Central R&D Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics
28. JSK "Pribory"
29. Rovensk NPP
30. Novovoronezh NPP
31. Canberra Industries
32. JSK "Komita"
33. ELEMASH (OAO Mashinostroitelny Zavod)
34. "Radon", Irkutsk
35. "Primtexnopolis"
37. JSK "Ecomet-C"
38. JSK "SPE"Ecoatom"
39. FGUP D.I.Mendeleyev VNIIM
40. "Siberian Chemical Plant"
41. JSK "Ritverc"
42. FGUP "STC "Nuclear-phisics Researches"
43. JSK "Center of water research and monitoring"
44. JSK "SeverStal"
45. TOO "Expertcenter"

More than 40 reports have been presented, the abstracts have been published by the beginning of the conference. The best report competition has been organized.

Seleznev Adrian Vitalyevich, an engineer of the Radiation laboratory of the Institute of Engineering Ecology became the winner of the competition. He presented the report "Research of migration and accumulation processes of Cs-137 in cities". The reporter was rewarded by money award.

The preliminary decision of the organizational committee about the next XI conference - PASR-2009 will be in Tuapse, at the beginning of October, 2009.

Report in Photos
(ARCHIVE, 1.3 )

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