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GammaLab software package is used for imitation of measurement process of gamma radiation sources by semiconducting and scintillation spectrometers.
Version: 1.1.144
Update date: 19-06-2013
System requirements:
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
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(PDF, 520 KB)
GammaLab is a virtual gamma spectrometry laboratory, instrumented by measuring equipment, software for spectrometers operations, calibration sources and samples for measurement. It is used for the courses for advanced training Practical spectrometry.

GammaLab contains modules for emulation of spectrum accumulation in the analyzer from the measured source of radiation in real-time mode. It also includes operator's measurement actions.
The measurement operators actions on the desktop can be emulated using realistic 3D-interface:
  • moving of the detector and the source;
  • control of the spectrometers parameters (switching on/off, switching on of the high voltage, error messages of the device etc.);
  • operations with the software of the spectrometer.
GammaLab allows to:
  • model gamma spectra in real-time mode for semiconducting and scintillation detectors, point and volume cylindrical sources, sources in multi-layer protective container with arbitrary radionuclides composition;
  • use arbitrary chemical mixtures as materials;
  • take into account the location of the samples and detector and instrumental effects (peaks tailing and shift, miscount depending on loading, voltage, time of the device warm-up and high-voltage supply).
Operating mode
  • Administrator mode allows to:
    model, change, delete detectors, samples etc.;
    calculate spectra patterns;
    create new tasks;
    make training films;
    work with any GammaLab modules.
  • Training Operator mode
    User with operator rights can select from list and use administrator's tasks, watch training films.

The software package can be used:
  • for apparatus calibration;
  • for development and testing of measurement procedures and software;
  • as a base of emulators;
  • for training in work with spectrometers;
  • as a reference-information system;
  • for analysis of applicability of new detecting devices.
There are many advantages of using of modeled spectra for development and testing of measurement procedures and software:
  • there are no out-of-control instrumental effects in the hardware spectra;
  • these effects can be considered in the model;
  • the sources with the required radionuclides composition and activity values can be modeled;
  • both calibration spectra and spectra of the measured samples with the required properties (density, material) can be modeled uniformly.
LSRM Trainer

The most interesting application of GammaLab is the package for spectrometric technique training using semiconductor spectrometer on the base of HPGe-detector and scintillation spectrometers on the base of NaI(Tl) and LaBr3(Cl3) crystals. The software package has been developed for Russian Customs Academy and is used for the training of specialists for departments of customs control of fissile and radioactive materials. It is the metrological software package the following customs tasks solving:
  • measurement of open sources;
  • measurement of sources in container;
  • measurement of Pu isotopic composition;
  • control of U enrichment degree.
Trainer consists of program modules that emulate spectrum accumulation in analyzer from measurement radiation source from laboratory in real-time. It also includes operator's measurement actions and training films. It is necessary to have administrator (instructor) rights to use resources for forming of trainer parts. Other users are operators (students). They fulfill required tasks.

Trainer allows to:
  • provide individual and group training using videos display;
  • avoid using real sources of ionizing radiation;
  • form laboratory works and tasks, instruction set, video and source documentation for them;
  • emulate spectrometer work using detectors with different characteristics (detection efficiency, definition etc.) that allows to use package in cases of the spectrometer modernization and studying Detector characteristics theme.
Load from LSRM ftp.

State Registration:
GammaLab software package was registered in the State Register of computer programs on the 3th of June 2014.

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