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LSRMServer software is designed to build the distributed measuring systems which operate in accordance with the client-server scheme.
Update date: 10-10-2019
System requirements:
Windows 7, 8, 10
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LSRMServer is installed on a remote computer to which one or more ADCs are connected. A local computer with the installed software of SpectraLineXX package and user’s desktop or web applications controls these ADCs by communicating with the remote computer using the standard TCP/IP network protocol. ADC control and data exchange with LSRMServer are formalized as a universal set of commands.

This scheme allows user to organize works in systems components of which are remoted in space from one another and connected to a local or a global computer network. This is relevant, for example, in the case of systems for measuring highly active samples, when works are carried out in the specialized closed spaces with limited access. This is relevant also for stationary radiation monitoring systems, when single-board computers with low energy consumption are used for measurements, and the inspection points are located at a considerable distance from one another.

More details about LSRMServer functions are presented here.

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